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Are you looking to tell the world about your recently published book, without breaking the bank? Access to quality and up to date media resources can be overwhelmingly expensive... until now!











Sharing Your Book With the Media Has Never Been Easier

Jenkins Group, Inc. proudly offers the Targeted Media Book Publicity Program. The comprehensive media index and press release delivers maximum exposure to regional and national media contacts at a fraction of the cost of traditional publicity campaigns.

The JGI Targeted Media Publicity Program provides you with many different options to maximize your targeted media reach while achieving your publicity goals. Whether your focus is regional to specific states or you're looking to alert the national media, our programs deliver results.

Each program begins with the creation of a professionally written press release highlighting the pertinent information about your title and the desired news angle. The release is then scheduled for delivery via email and fax to a thorough and updated media database specific to your book. You provide us answers to key background questions surrounding your title and we deliver you approximately 800+ accurate contacts for the leading media sources. Contacts include editors, reporters, columnists and syndicated writers, all yours to keep for future contact and information delivery. This complete service works to support a targeted directive of increased publicity for an investment far less than PR services can provide.

Contacting the right news professionals is a critical step for the success of your new book. At JGI we aim to make your vision our mission. We create a specially targeted media list so you are insured to work with the most recent information available at the most affordable prices.

Effectively promoting your title and gaining national publicity is simple and affordable with the help of the Targeted Media Publicity Program. Choosing the right program is as easy as knowing who your target audience is. You can focus your efforts both regionally and nationally.

Premium Regional & National Targeted Media Release: $649.00
Includes a comprehensive list of hand selected regional and national Targeted Media contacts specific to your book and the target market you need to reach. A professionally written press release in a custom designed PDF format surrounding your book's subject matter will be delivered to your media contact list not just once, but TWICE (with a suggested 2-4 weeks in between). The Targeted Media list is yours to keep for follow-up and future mailings. *You will also receive your press release as a faxable PDF and as a Word document so you can make updates as desired. We will distribute your press release via email or fax to the media contacts on your list based on their preferences.


Premium International Targeted Media Release: $699.00 
Includes a professionally written press release in a custom designed PDF format, delivered to a multi-country Targeted Media list of contacts surrounding your company headquarters or book's subject matter. The Targeted Media Contact list and the Press Release in PDF, Fax and Word document formats are yours to keep for use in follow-up and future marketing. *You may choose from up to five countries -not USA or Canada- to have your Targeted Media Contact List pulled from. We will distribute your press release via email or fax to the media contacts on your list based on their preferences.

Redistribution of Your Press Release:
Frequency and persistence are key to a successful marketing campaign for your book. With enough frequency your message will penetrate your target audience. When working with the Jenkins Group you will find that the initial distribution that is included in your marketing package may be enough to spark interest in your book, however the follow up calls and personal contacts you make with your Targeted Media List are what reaps the most results. But what if you don't have the time to be persistent? We have an affordable solution.

One Redistribution- $75.00

Three Redistributions- $180.00

Five Redistributions- $280.00

Redistribution of your Press Release to your existing Targeted Media Contact List means that you are gaining the frequency to get noticed! We will use your existing Press Release and your existing Targeted Media Contact List. You will decide the subject line with each new round of distribution. You are also in control of the redistribution dates.

Additional Services

Custom Targeted Media Lists Only-$299.00
Includes a targeted list of media contacts (National AND Regional) which contains names, phone numbers, emails, fax numbers and direct mailing addresses.

Professional Press Release Only-$275.00
Includes a professionally written and designed release by our award-winning writer formatted in to a PDF. This release can be used as a part of a media kit or for contacting different media outlets regarding your book.

International Add On-$350.00
Add international media contacts on to your Regional or National campaign.  We will add to your existing list of media contacts international media sources from up to five countries -not USA or Canada-of your choosing

Regional & National Media List with Distribution of Your Press Release-$399.00
If you have a press release that you like, this is your package. Included is a comprehensive Targeted Media list of both regional and national media contacts surrounding you book's subject matter. The Targeted Media list is yours to keep for follow-up and future mailings. We will distribute your existing press release via email and fax to the media contacts on your list based on their preferences.


Websites for Authors! allows publishers to create and launch a "publisher centric" site in just a matter of hours for less than the cost of a book cover design. You have full editorial and creative control over your website at any time, any place.

We're now pairing with our most popular Targeted Media Release Package, offering increased exposure and marketability.

Premium Regional & National Targeted Media Release AND the Service
NOW - $1,100.00
Includes a comprehensive list of either regional AND national Targeted Media contacts, professionally written and delivered press release with custom designed PDF surrounding your book's subject matter. The Targeted Media lists are yours to keep for follow-up and future mailings. Plus, custom website and one year of hosting.

Multi-Title Discount*: 10% off the total price when you purchase more than one Targeted Media Package.

*Note: Cannot be combined with any other promotion

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